Lighting poles and Masts

Experience, technological excellence & innovation

These three axes apply to all ZINCOMETAL Bulgaria lighting poles and masts.

Eight different categories of lighting poles and masts cover even the most demanding needs, with the design and construction seal of excellence of the parent company:

Road Lighting Poles

Passive Safety Lighting Poles

Are a safety guarantee for drivers should they lose control of their vehicle and crash into a pole, which absorbs the force of the collision and breaks. These are EN 12767 certified poles that have passed all specialised crash tests.

Sports & Area Lighting Poles and Masts

Sports facilities, stadiums, airport areas, ports, and large private properties find a reliable lighting solution in Zincometal Bulgaria, and products such as the:

Decorative Lighting Poles

Adapted to the character of each region, whether it has a traditional or modern architectural style, Zincometal Bulgaria’s decorative lighting poles provide users with the best possible result at the lowest possible cost with regard to time and energy, providing a unique aesthetic result. Aluminium, wood panelling, steel, and cast iron poles draw inspiration from and are respectful of their surroundings.

Various Poles/Mast Types

From traffic signal poles, camera poles, tram and trolley overhead power supply poles, to flag poles, advertising masts, telecommunications masts, and parking poles, Zincometal Bulgaria can cover all pole and mast needs

Cast Iron Lighting Poles

ZINCOMETAL’s cast iron lighting poles provide character to any area in which they are placed, serving a unique architectural style that adapts to and highlights the surrounding space.

Aluminium Lighting Poles

The unique aesthetic approach and modern notes of ZINCOMETAL’s aluminium poles have a contemporary air, no matter the space in which they are placed.They are ideal for urban settings and are a unique feature

FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) Lighting Poles

Made from a reinforced polymer, they are ideal for installing in coastal areas, as they are resistant to corrosion from humidity and require minimal maintenance, they are durable under high winds, and perfect for areas with frequent lightning strikes, thanks to their non-conductive nature.