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Hot-dip galvanization

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA has a modern 6.5 metre hot-dip galvaniser at its facilities, which supports the production of its own products, while also providing hotdip galvanisation services to third party steel product manufacturers. ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA’s hot-dip galvaniser emphasises quality, making use of International Standard EN ISO 1461, while it has all necessary certifications; ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 9001 for quality management.

Lighting pole resistance designs

As part of the integrated support framework that ZINCOMETAL Bulgaria LTD provides to its customers, the company carries out lighting resistance designs. Lighting resistance designs check the structural and dynamic stability of the poles under the maximum deployable load at its top or at any other desired height. Thus, customers are in a position to know beforehand how the poles will react and behave in the future, even during unique conditions during which natural phenomena may exceed normal values.

Phototechnical lighting designs

Pole resistance designs are just one of the services that ZINCOMETAL Bulgaria offers. Supplementary phototechnical lighting designs essentially predetermine the realistic installation conditions of the company’s poles. During phototechnical designs, important parameters are taken into account, such as the dimensions of the space/plot, the road category, the luminaire, the lamp, and the height of the pole, in order to select the solution that will ensure evenly distributed lighting.

consulting services

Consulting services

Consulting is a vital part of ZINCOMETAL Bulgaria’s philosophy in every project it undertakes. With its consulting services, the company guides its customers towards the best possible solution, which suits both their profile and the characteristics of the project. The goal is for the end solution to be perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs and to provide absolute satisfaction.

Technical support – After sales service

Tech support and after sales service are at the centre of the company’s strategy, in order to preserve close ties with its customers, even after it has completed the projects it undertakes. Its engineers are in a position to provide specialised technical support at any time. The final product itself is accompanied by a full dossier of designs, certificates, and lab test technical reports, as required.

However, ZINCOMETAL Bulgaria has also taken after sales service to the next level, providing an experience that does justice to the trust customers show the company, without delays and hassle that last for days. Thanks to its expert staff, it quickly and effectively deals with any problem that may arise, immediately intervening to restore product functionality.