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LED Luminaires

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Crash barriers

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Knowhow and extensive experience in more than 20 countries

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD was established in 2006 in the city of Sliven, where its lighting pole and mast production plant is based, while its headquarters are located in Sofia. Provides high-spec solutions to the sectors of:

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Lighting poles & masts

Groundbreaking products for brighter and friendlier cities.

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Smart, innovative lighting solutions for modern urban life.

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Crash barriers

Innovative products that take road safety to another level.

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The parent company

ZINCOMETAL is active in the design and creation of integrated systems and solutions in the sectors of lighting poles and masts, luminaires, and crash barriers, and it is a sector leader in Greece, while also playing a leading role in the Balkans and continuously expanding its activities and sales in the European market. For more than three decades, ZINCOMETAL’s high-quality products have been utilised in every major project that was or is being constructed in Greece, while its 35,000 square metre production unit in the Kilkis region is the base from which its activities reach more than 20 countries in Europe and Africa.

In fact, it is the first and only company in Greece producing and making available EN12767 Passive Safety Poles, providing drivers and passengers with additional safety, should their vehicle go off course and collide with a lighting pole.


Our Products

P/V solar LED lights

They have no limitation, they are smart..