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Terms of Use and Data Policy of ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD’s web pages

These are the general Terms and Conditions, that in their entirety govern user-visitor access to and the use of, ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD’s web pages (www.zincometal.bg) via browsers or applications. Users-visitors must carefully read the Terms and Conditions before making any use of the (www.zincometal.bg) web pages.

If you disagree with these terms and conditions, then you should not look any further into the web pages, nor should you enter your personal data. Also, you should not make any use of the services provided.

Only adults, i.e. persons over and above 18 years old, have the right to use this website.

The use of this website must necessarily be made for legitimate purposes and shall not, in any way, limit or interrupt its use by any third parties. Each user must act in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, the moral ethics and these terms and conditions and must not proceed to any acts or omissions that could cause any damage to the website or any change to its content.

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD guarantees its legal presence on the Internet.

The www.zincometal.bg web pages aim at informing, educating, communicating with and briefing their users-visitors. The access to and use of the company’s web pages are subject to the following terms and conditions, which shall prevail in the event of any explicit or implied agreement between www.zincometal.bg and its users-visitors. More specifically:

Unless otherwise explicitly provided herein, the Company is the owner of all intellectual property rights with respect to the content of this website. Any information, image, design, software, audiovisual project or phonogram included in the ZINCOMETAL BURGARIA LTD web pages considered to be original intellectual creations belonging to ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD or to companies associated with it, or have been included in the web pages with the relevant authorization of the owner, and are therefore protected in accordance with the provisions of all applying laws governing the protection of intellectual property and other related rights in force at each given time.

Moreover, any product that will be formed by the user of custom application considered to be original intellectual creation belonging to ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD, because all the alternative options which are provided to the user in order to form a product are the result of ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD’s intellectual study, design and initial apprehension and consequently its exclusive intellectual creation and is therefore protected in accordance with the provisions of all applying laws on the protection of intellectual property and other related rights in force at each given time. It is explicitly prohibited, without the Company’s prior written consent, any total or partial copying, amendment, republication, reproduction or by any other means utilization of the content of this website, excluding only any limited copying, saving or republication of any elements of this website, provided that:

(a) in any such action a reference must be made to this website; and

(b) any such action shall not result to commercial use of the content of this website.

Moreover, any amendment or alteration of the security adjustments, the architecture or the form of this website as well as any interference to the use or the technical specifications of its operation is explicitly prohibited.

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD shall take any appropriate and reasonably expected measure in order to ensure that the data and information included in its web pages are as complete, accurate and reliable as possible. In any event ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD, its associated enterprises, as well as any of its executives, employees or representatives do not guarantee the correctness, completeness, accuracy and reliability of the above data and information, nor are they liable to users or third parties for any losses caused by their false or inaccurate nature, including, without any limitations, any indirect, incidental or consequential damages.

Any information or reference to any product or service provided to the user-visitor through the ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD web pages does not constitute any direct or indirect advice or offer for the sale or purchase of the product or service in question, nor does it encourage any acts that shall lead to financial results. Users-visitors must examine the information provided and act at their own discretion. The provision of advice by an expert on the offer and suitability of any product or service is always considered to be necessary prior to its purchase.

The connection of the company’s web pages with other web pages via links shall only occur for purposes of facilitating users-visitors. ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses suffered by users-visitors, which may result from making use of the ability to be connected to other web pages via links, or from the use of information and data included in any similar web page.

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD, its associated enterprises, as well as any of its executives, employees or representatives shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect, actual or consequential damages suffered by the visitors-users of its web pages, which may be caused by the illegal acts of third parties (e.g. interception or deciphering of codes and data), the spreading of viruses during the use of its web pages, the downloading of content data, or problems that may arise while using computers (e.g. loss of data, damages to equipment, software, etc.).

The use of the trademarks and logos included in its web pages without the prior written consent of ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD or any third-party beneficiary is strictly prohibited.

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD reserves the right to modify its web pages, as well as to add, change and/or remove any information and/or data included therein without warning. It also reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. Should the above terms undergo substantial changes, ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD shall notify its clients and the visitors to its web pages in due time via announcements posted in a visible spot on the web pages. The use of the web pages and services provided through them by users-visitors following the above notification of the amendment of the terms of use shall be considered as unconditional acceptance of these amendments on their part.

ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD may keep record and process any personal data on the visitors to its website and its clients, which may be disclosed to it on the basis of the submitted applications and effected transactions for the purposes of supporting, promoting and fulfilling its commercial relationship with them. This particular use shall not contribute to the collection or storage of any personally identifiable information.

After registering your details you may be provided with Access Information that may be used for access to the Web Pages and/or Services, and possibly to pages that require the registration details. ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD reserves the right to change your Access Information at

any time and exclusively at its own discretion, and to notify you of these changes as soon as it is practically possible. Please note that you shall be responsible for ensuring that there will be no unauthorized access to our Web Pages and Services through the use of your Access Information, and that you shall be liable for any such activities carried out through your account with or without authorization. When selecting your Access Information, you should avoid using words that are obscene, improper or potentially provocative.

The registered users of the account shall be obligated to:

– Safeguard their Access Information,

– Provide true, accurate, current and complete information in all mandatory fields when registering for the Web Pages and/or Services, and immediately notify ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD of any changes or mistakes, and

– Notify ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD immediately in the event that their Access Information is disclosed to any unauthorized user.

Access on the part of users-visitors to the Web Pages of ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD shall be considered as confirmation that they have fully and properly understood all that has been stated above, and that they absolutely agree to these terms.

Policy on the Collection and Management of Personal Data

The processing of the personal data of the users of this website is governed by the terms and conditions below, the relevant provisions of the applicable legislation with respect to the processing of personal data, as well as the relevant decisions, guidelines and regulatory acts of the competent Protection Authority.

1. Data Controller

The Data Controller of the personal data processed through this website is «ZINCOMETAL BULGARIA LTD», having its registered offices at Blvd./Str. Kara area No. 2, Rechitsa Quarter, Sliven, Postcode 8800, Bulgaria [hereinafter the «Company»]. 2. General Terms for the Protection of Personal Data

The processing of your personal data is confidential and the Company takes all necessary technical or other measures in order to ensure the confidential nature of such processing. Only the following persons may have access to your personal data: Company’s authorized personnel, on a case by case basis and depending on the scope of processing.

3. Scope of Data Processing

The scope of processing of your personal data collected through this website is the following:

a. The control of compliance with the terms and conditions of this website;

b. With respect to any personal data transferred to us, which are included in your CV that you send to our Company:

– The minimum necessary processing of these personal data for the evaluation of your CV and whether the content of your CV corresponds to Company’s needs with respect to a specific job in the Company, as well as for the protection of Company’s interest. In case we receive your explicit consent, any personal data included in your CV shall be stored by the Company for the purpose of their re-evaluation/ use in the future, for any new job positions in the Company. In case you have not provided us with such consent, any personal data included in your CV shall be destroyed, upon fulfillment of the relevant job position for which you have sent your CV, unless the Company has the right or the obligation to retain such data.

– With respect to any personal data transferred to us, which are included in your CV that you submit to us through our web pages, without any prior announcement of the Company that it is looking to fill a specific job opening, in order for the data to be stored for the purpose of future use/evaluation in case of future job openings in the Company.

c. With respect to any personal data that you transfer to the Company in order to receive from the Company newsletters and informational messages with respect to Company’s products, initiatives, contents, events etc, the scope of such processing is the dispatch of such messages to you, provided that the Company has received your prior consent.

d. With respect to any personal data that you transfer to the Company through our form of communication, the purpose of such processing is to complete the requested communication and provide an answer to your contact details provided, provided that the Company has received your prior consent.

4. Data Recipients

Data Recipients:

(a) With respect to any data that the Company has the right or the obligation to release, on the basis of a contract, a law, a court or regulatory decision: any public or independent administrative authorities, any judicial authorities as well as any public servants; and (b) With respect to all necessary data for the achievement of a specific goal: the Management as well as the relevant departments of the Company or the Companies associated with the Company, on a case by case basis. Subject to any exceptions explicitly provided herein, the Company shall not disclose, sell, exchange, grand any license for their use or otherwise dispose to any third parties (individuals or legal entities) your personal data.

5. Rights of subjects:

In your capacity as data subjects, you have the rights: to information concerning the data, of access, of update and rectification, to erasure (right to be forgotten), to restrict processing, of

data portability, and to object to processing. Furthermore, the maintain the right to revoke their consent at any time, without this affecting the processing of data before their consent having been revoked, while they also maintain the right to complain to the competent DPA.

6. Newsletters

The newsletters received by visitors/users of the services provided through the www.zincometal.bg website following their registration on the mailing lists are the intellectual property of the site and are consequently protected by the relevant provisions of law. The www.zincometal.bg website reserves the right to refuse the registration of certain individuals on its mailing lists, or to erase their names from the said lists. The visitor/user may delete his/her email from the relevant mailing lists at any time.

The www.zincometal.bg website shall provide its visitors/users with electronic information services in accordance with the specific terms set by it, while ensuring the protection of the personal data submitted for the purpose of making use of these services. The www.zincometal.bg website shall not be liable for the quality of the goods obtained via the electronic information services, and such transactions shall exclusively bind the visitor/user. 7. Cookies

The Company may use cookies, for the purpose of effecting or supporting the facilitation of the communication between you and the Company, through the electronic communications network. The above mentioned cookies are small files that you have accepted to receive, in accordance with the parameterizations of your PC and are saved at the hard disk of your PC for the above mentioned purposes, without having access to any document or any other file of your PC. These files pose no danger whatsoever for your P/C.

Τhis site uses cookies:

– That collect information regarding the way visitors use the site, eg which pages they visit more frequently or if they receive error messages from sites. These cookies collect centralized, anonymous information that cannot identify a visitor. This information is used exclusively to improve the efficiency of this site.

– That allow this site to remember the user’s choices, like the language of use or settings he/she has chosen, in order to provide more personal and better functions. This information can not follow the user’s browsing activity to any other sites.

– That are used for the provision of content more suitable to the user and his/her interests. They can be used to provide targeted information/ads/offers or to restrict advertisements.

You may set the browser of your PC, in order to delete existing cookies and choose for it either to alert you for the use of cookies or to prohibit the acceptance of cookies in each and every case.

However, users/visitors need to be aware that in case they choose to reject cookies, the use of parts or services of a site may become more difficult or impossible, as this affects the efficiency and functionality of a site and may cause restrictions to the user’s access to its content.

8. Hyperlinks

In case of any linkage of this website, through special links (links, hyperlinks, banners), with any other websites, the Company does not undertake any liability with respect to the data protection policy applicable to these websites.

9. Amendment of these terms

The Company has the right to amend this Data Protection Policy, within the framework of the legislation which is applicable from time to time; any such amendments shall apply from the date of their uploading to this website.