Zincometal: The only Greek company with passive safety lighting columns

Where ZINCOMETAL’s innovative perspective meets R&D, new, modern solutions to improve road safety emerge.

ZINCOMETAL has long been the first and only Greek company to design, produce and market certified passive safety lighting columns, offering vehicle drivers and passengers additional safety in the event of impact with columns.

Consistent in its strategy for developing innovative products that contribute to a safe road environment, both on motorways and within cities, the company markets Ne-type passive safety lighting columns for all car speeds of 100, 70 and 50 km/h defined in the EN12767 European Standard.  Zincometal steel passive safety light columns are CE-certified by an independent approved European certification body and have been successfully tested during physical crash tests on special test tracks.

They set a new standard for road safety, since, on whichever side a vehicle impacts them when veering off the road, they will absorb the shock and vibrations and break, protecting the occupants and the vehicle itself.

They perform well in high-speed impacts and are recommended for motorways with a speed limit of 100km/h, as well as for dual-carriage motorways. In fact, they achieve much better results in terms of the level of impact severity than LE or He-type columns, thus ensuring a better level of passenger safety as a result of reduced impact accelerations (click here for more information).

In fact, in the context of the Zincometal philosophy of sustainable development, passive safety lighting columns are made using recycled materials.

By addressing the needs of the market, we are trying to contribute to a safer future for Greek roads by marketing our innovative products and bringing in the right tools, always in the light of innovation.